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Brown Egg Layers

Some of our girls (and a boy) enjoying the sun!


Our first hens (they were ex battery hens but were a similar breed) they are very friendly hens. A calm bird ideal for the garden or smallholder, she can be a super friendly pet bird for children.

Orangy brown with varying amounts of cream barring, there is often cream lacing the brown feathers making a very pretty bird.  A prolific layer of apx 320 brown eggs per year.



These girls are really growing on us. They are as friendly as the Goldline, if not more so. Wherever we are there seems to be a silver or amber - in the shed, in the van, hanging around the picnic table and in the childrens arms! Highly recommended for beginners.

Creamy white with varying amounts of brown flecking. A prolific layer of apx 320 brown eggs per year.



The original farm yard sex linked cross. A Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex. 

Chosen because of their great laying ability and combatability with the free range system. A prolific layer of over 320 eggs per year.

A reddy brown bird, sometimes with black on the neck and tail feathers.



A light sussex x Cobb, a duel purpose type who is larger than the pure laying types but makes a nice friendly colourful addition to a flock.

A sturdy bird who can cope outside in all weathers.

They lay around 280 cream to brown coloured eggs per year.



The only hen bred exclusively for free range and organic systems. A good, hardy winter layer with extra large eggs in the second laying year. Needs space to range.

A black bird with red/gold hackles, sometimes the red covers the whole breast and the bird can almost be classed as partridge coloured.

They lay around 280 brown eggs per year.



A firm favourite here due to her unusual grey / blue colour.

A larger hen than the rest, very nosey! Can get quite friendly.

They lay around 250 eggs per year.

Egg colour varies from cream to dark brown.


Blue Egg Layers

CREAM LEGBAR -  unavailable at present 

An 'autosexing' breed, very rare a decade ago due to the advent of modern sex linked hybrids, but now gaining favour again with poultry keepers. The males and females are a different colour at day old. The cocks remaning much paler as adults.

She lays around 200 sky blue eggs per year.

Sorry, unavailable to purchase at present.


SAPPHIRE - available March 2020

Our own cross of Cream Legbar x White Leghorn.

She lays around 250 pale blue or white eggs per year.

White, occasionally with some black markings, may be rumpless or have a tuft on the head, a real eye catcher and a character to watch. To be found high in the trees at night! These are the clowns in our flock!



Our newest addition to the flock. A modern hybrid developed by 'Heritage poultry' based on the Cream Legbar and other autosexing birds.

Colour varies from barred grey/blue through barred salmon and barred brown, some have head tufts.

She lays around 250 pastel coloured eggs per year, 70% of hens lay blue / green eggs, the others lay either jade, olive, peach, pink, beige or coral coloured eggs.

We sell Heritage Skyline pullets, cockerels (to order) and hatching eggs (to order)

White Egg Layers


The white egg laying breeds went out of fashion as people assumed that brown eggs were healthier. This is a misnomer as it is not the colour of the egg that gives it its flavour but how the bird is kept and fed. Delia Smith helped get them back into favour with her cookery books.

White egg layers are very popular with my American customers.

A prolific layer of over 320 white eggs per year.


Our newest addition to the flock. A bit chunkier and calmer than the white leghorn due to the addition of Sussex blood. THis means that the eggs are more Ivory / Cream than white but she still lays loads!

A prolific layer of over 300 off white eggs per year.

Dark Brown Egg Layers

MARAN COUCOU (Cuckoo Maran)

Chosen as she is a pretty speckled bird and she lays around 250 speckled to dark brown eggs per year.

Marans are originally from France but new strains are being developed in England. As a rule the French Marans have feathered legs, the English birds do not. Be aware of cross breeds (AKA Speckledy) as they may look like Marans but lay a normal pale brown egg.



MARAN CUIVREE (Copper Black Maran)

Quite a large bird but still friendly. Good free range layer.

Eggs of an excellent internal quality and best for omeletes and cake making!

Lays around 250 dark brown eggs per year.

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